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EVENT: Postie Bike Adventure
EVENT DATE: 09/02/2014

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

Supporting prostate cancer awareness a group of adventurous riders are embarking on "The Rural Male Run" on Postie Bikes from Picton to Queenstown in seven days Feb 2014. We will have all the fun training for and completing this event, but I really need your help to make a difference to my charity.More than one of us on this ride are survivors of prostate cancer and well know the value of charities such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Any donation you could make to this Foundation on our behalf will be greatly appreciated.

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My Online Sponsors To Date
13/03/2014 Ross & Kathleen $25.00
25/02/2014 Sandy Connelly & Garth Midgley $20.00 We met up with you guys in Hanmer Springs. What a fantastic thing you all did.
24/02/2014 Graeme and Sheredyn $50.00 Well done Howard, we'll have a whiskey to celebrate when you are up next.
20/02/2014 Cromwell Placemakers Counter donations $60.00
19/02/2014 Howard & Eleanor $50.00 A great trip.
18/02/2014 Public Donations (Bucket) $111.12 Thank you to those who contributed
18/02/2014 Gooder Equipment $50.00
17/02/2014 Bevan& Linda Bisset $25.00 Congratulations Howard, Hope you have an awesome time Well done.
16/02/2014 Kay Read $50.00 Well done to all
13/02/2014 Denis McFelin $50.00
13/02/2014 Everd Strauss $50.00
13/02/2014 Brian $25.00 Was great to meet you all
12/02/2014 Helen $20.00 Have fun
12/02/2014 Rebecca Knowles $50.00
11/02/2014 Graham and Noeline Brown $20.00 Enjoy! Great cause - travel safely!
10/02/2014 Roger and Pam Thomlinson $50.00 Great to see you off yesterday. Enjoy the trip Jim and Howard
09/02/2014 Judith $25.00 Have a great trip. Bet it will be lots of fun
08/02/2014 Katrina and Daryl Edgecombe $20.00 Ross and fellow Male riders - good on you all, hope you have fun and the weather is kind
07/02/2014 Brian & Val $25.00 It will be a memorable experience for you all. Well done.
05/02/2014 Glenyce $25.00 Enjoy the trip Howard and ride safely
05/02/2014 George & Junelle $50.00 Go Howard!!
04/02/2014 Chris Aroha Tia Maia $25.00 Go well Howard and Have Fun.
04/02/2014 Marie & Steve Hook $50.00 Go you little Hondas
04/02/2014 Ross &Gail $25.00 what great fun good luck.
03/02/2014 George and Ann $25.00 Good luck. Travel safely
02/02/2014 Chris and Ellen Morland $50.00 Great idea and great cause to support! Wonderful to be able to do it while having an adventure that will be one to remember . Take care and enjoy! :>)
01/02/2014 Bob and Nancy Beck $25.00 Have fun.Great cause
30/01/2014 Claire, Keith & Ethan $25.00 Great stuff. Have a good trip.
22/01/2014 Robs and Belinda Thomlinson $25.00 Have a great trip! Awesome way to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer!
20/01/2014 Denise & Ian $50.00 Fan diddly tastic !!!!
18/01/2014 Rosalie Thomlinson $10.00 Have fun
17/01/2014 Nev J Tobin $50.00 Have a great trip.
17/01/2014 Staff - Alexandra $50.00 All the best guys - I'm a prostrate cancer survivor as well. Hope you have a wonderful adventure and raise lots - especially awareness.
15/01/2014 PJA $50.00 Good luck
12/01/2014 Pt $50.00 Good luck and good health!
10/01/2014 Stuart Thomlinson $50.00
10/01/2014 Kirsten Thomlinson $50.00 It sounded a crazy idea at first but it is a cause that is close to hearts and home and this ride is a spectacular way to raise awareness. I am proud of you all and wish you a fun and successful ride.
07/12/2013 Ivan $25.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,536.12
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand
Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand
One of the main goals of the Prostate Cancer Foundation is to educate people about prostate problems and prostate cancer in particular.We know that those diagnosed with prostate cancer have special needs. We know because "we have been there!" For more information see
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