Welcome to Mal Law's High Five-0 Fundraising Page

Mal Law's High Five-0 Fundraising Page

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Many thanks to Partners Life, without whom none of this would be possible.

Many thanks to Partners Life, without whom none of this would be possible.

EVENT: High Five-0 Challenge
EVENT DATE: 31/01/2015

Which is the bigger challenge:
1. to do what's never been done before - climb 50 peaks and run 50 backcountry off-road marathons in just 50 days; or
2. raise at least $250,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ?

Make no mistake, both goals are unprecedented & humungous. Neither can be done without the support of a vast number of big-hearted people. I'm hoping you're one of those!

Using this site you can help me achieve both goals - your donation, however modest will take me a step closer to the fundraising target. But just as importantly, your accompanying message of support will give me the motivation to keep on going through the inevitable tough times that lie ahead.

I have a huge empathy with the Cause that I'm running myself ragged for & firmly believe that through this adventure we can make a genuine difference to the mental wellbeing, and hence the happiness and prosperity, of New Zealanders.

If you'd like to lend a hand, then select the 'Make a donation' button below. It's simple, fast and totally secure.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

So please sponsor me now!

Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
06/03/2015 Hammer Nutrition $400.00 This is the amount raised via our online promo, plus a top up from Hammer Nutrition :-). Well done Mal, we are enjoying following your progress!
05/03/2015 L C Thompson $25.00 All the best you are an inspiration! One day i hope to achieve half of what you are doing :) go hard
05/03/2015 Shigehiro Saito $25.00 Wow
05/03/2015 Lynne $25.00
05/03/2015 nigel airey $125.00
05/03/2015 Diane $25.00
05/03/2015 Caron A Lynn $100.00 Go Mal! Cannot find the words to tell you how inspirational you are. See you at The Dual!
05/03/2015 Anne $5.00
05/03/2015 Chris Langston $20.00
05/03/2015 Mark and Chris $100.00
05/03/2015 Karen Tait $25.00
04/03/2015 Kerri $300.00 I loved Max too.......x
04/03/2015 Pat Sale $100.00 Go Mal you are an inspiration
04/03/2015 Kathryn Liggins $25.00
04/03/2015 Daria $250.00
03/03/2015 Helen Wu $70.00
03/03/2015 matt $25.00
03/03/2015 JD&Marg $50.00 Mal - this is brilliant! As well as a great cause, you can clearly take your mind off the dismal performances of your rugby and cricket teams. Outstanding!
02/03/2015 jo $100.00 I'm inspired by your sacrifice for a very worthy cause.
02/03/2015 Darrell T $150.00 For the 2 laps of Dunedin's Caledonian Track completed. It has been a priviledge to be involved in this challenge the last couple of weeks with you and your awesome support team....
01/03/2015 Jacqui $220.00 You rock Mal - best of luck for the main event!
28/02/2015 Darren $75.00 Keep up the great work - a few donations while I made coffee today at longwoods, and a bit from me.
28/02/2015 the macleods $100.00 Great work Mal, inspirational stuff. Slow and steady boy slow and steady
28/02/2015 Jamie Sinclair $100.00 Cash from Noddy,Fergus,Matt,Blair.Bruce,& Andy
28/02/2015 Cath Watson $100.00 You are an inspiration Mal
27/02/2015 Diane $20.00
27/02/2015 Paul $50.00 Hey mate
Love your work - yet again!! With you in spirit. Keep that body together
cheers Paul and Linda
27/02/2015 Stephen Harris $250.00 kia kaha Mal (from someone in your wake at the Shotover run last Saturday!) Best of luck with the body.
26/02/2015 Viv $50.00
26/02/2015 Chris $25.00
26/02/2015 The Simpson Family Queenstown $100.00 Inspiring. Behind you every step of the way.
25/02/2015 Scenic Sports Ltd $170.00 Hi Mal and Sal, here is the donation from the Ultimate Direction Mt Oxford Odyssey event. As part of every entry I am donating $1 towards your awesome campaign. Sorry it's not more but I guess every little bit counts.
Keep strong and I hope your legs have enjoyed the 'rest' these past couple of days. Keep up the great work!!
24/02/2015 Evelyn Cameron $10.00
24/02/2015 Alex Garden $100.00 For Dawn Tuffery's Day 12 cartoon :-)
24/02/2015 Saint Brendan $25.00 Supporting David Allaway and the cause, of course!
23/02/2015 Alana Collins $25.00 Kia Kaha Mal. It takes a great person to do what you are doing.
23/02/2015 Lauren Arndt $50.00 YOU GUYS ROCK!! i'm SO in awe of how strong you continue to be in spite of such a huge challenge and in such pain. What an example you are to all. THANKS - we are all behind you! Loz and family x
22/02/2015 Diane $15.00
22/02/2015 Corinne Callinan $250.00
22/02/2015 Bev B $25.00 Incredible effort keep it up Mal
21/02/2015 Steve Leary $100.00 Going great Mal and Sally! Following your progress online - some superb places this challenge is taking you.
21/02/2015 Dereck $25.00
20/02/2015 June McClintock $50.00 You're amazing Mal. We're all behind you. Keep it up
19/02/2015 Bruce Morris $50.00
18/02/2015 Anon $5.00 Good work - keep it up!
18/02/2015 Jeff $10.00 Back in the day I thought 7-in-7 was ambitious. High Five-O indeed, legend!
18/02/2015 Ingram family $50.00
18/02/2015 Helen Oliver $50.00
18/02/2015 Rahim Lalani $5.00
18/02/2015 Various generous supporters $920.00 Cash donations received between Day -1 and Day 11. THANKS everyone for your generosity!!
17/02/2015 Diane Cornell $10.00
17/02/2015 Diane $9.00
17/02/2015 Weefee $20.00
17/02/2015 Jays $100.00 May the trail be soft underfoot and wind on your back
17/02/2015 Carole $50.00 Donating because my daughter has mental challenges and is a friend of Mary Fisher
16/02/2015 Diane $8.00
16/02/2015 Victoria $50.00 Go Kevin!! (And, Mal, well this so impressive I had to give.)
16/02/2015 Steve Combe $55.00 Heard you had a bit of a "melodrama" today mate. Your learning is for us all on this. I can't imagine the pain. Thank you for everything you have done for me in getting me going again. It was looking pretty grim for a while and I had both knees working fine! About time I coughed up for vertical challenge so here it is...
16/02/2015 Silex Tools $100.00 What you are attempting to achieve is inspirational - travel well!!
14/02/2015 Tim and Sarah (from London) $100.00 All the best Mal! Just reading One Step Beyond, instantly became one of my favourite books of all time. I hope the chest clears up and you get back on track. You are definitely an inspirational character and hopefully we will meet on the trails one day when we return to NZ. I look forward to seeing you complete yet another epic challenge for the greater good. Run well buddy!
14/02/2015 ToothbrushNomads $20.00 Go Mal!
14/02/2015 Diane $7.00
13/02/2015 Diane Cornell $6.00
12/02/2015 Sarah & Alan Wild $25.00
12/02/2015 Andy Lowe $50.00 All the best Mal for this incredible challenge!
12/02/2015 Diane $5.00
12/02/2015 Liz Thompson $50.00 In memory of dear, dear Max, who is in my thoughts always. I won't forget the 'intense young man who cares deeply about many things'.
11/02/2015 Diane $4.00
11/02/2015 Jane $50.00
10/02/2015 Alistair and Joanna $100.00 All the best for this amazing challenge - an inspiration to us all
10/02/2015 Diane $3.00
09/02/2015 Rita Malcata $30.00 What a massive effort! You have been an inspiration for some close friends and they have been the same to me! Well done to motivate and inspire so many people! Thank you!
09/02/2015 Bernie $100.00
09/02/2015 Tim $25.00
09/02/2015 John $15.00 Good luck for the rest of your challenge.
09/02/2015 Sam Wu $50.00 Hey Uncle, Looks like you are enjoying it all so far! Keep it up, hopefully I will be able to get some more donations for your from California!
09/02/2015 Angus Brown $103.63 Awesome Mal - you are a true insipration. Good luck with the next few weeks and peaks!
09/02/2015 Diane $2.00
09/02/2015 George Bateman $20.00 Great work Mal - incredible challenge and cause!
08/02/2015 pip windsor $53.00 enjoying tracking your progress through beautiful NZ...wishing you strong legs, heads and hearts. Sounds like you have it all in abundance. Good luck!
08/02/2015 Diane $1.00
08/02/2015 Ellen $25.00
07/02/2015 Oliver Mitchell $100.00 Good luck
07/02/2015 Nicky C $25.00 You are an inspiration to us all, kick butt!!
06/02/2015 Lee &Bee $60.00 Good luck
06/02/2015 Brendan Moore $809.00
06/02/2015 Christian $25.00 Good on you for raising awareness & good luck!!
05/02/2015 Fi, Wazz and Eddie Gunn $100.00
05/02/2015 Cheryl $25.00 Will follow your success
05/02/2015 Sarah $20.00 Good luck and thank you for raising awareness! I hope that through the actions and support of people like you New Zealand can begin to see a decrease in it's high suicide rate.
05/02/2015 Hjen $25.00
05/02/2015 Savelio $10.00
05/02/2015 Harveys $200.00
05/02/2015 Marguerite O'Leary $5.00 A cause close to me heart wishing you all the very best.
04/02/2015 David Maplesden $50.00 Go hard Mal (and it will be!). You are an inspiration (from your ex cuz-in-law!!)
04/02/2015 Wendy McGowan $25.00 Go Mal
04/02/2015 Tahlia $20.00 Awesome Cause!! I'm keen to follow your journey
04/02/2015 Barbara Thomborson $50.00
04/02/2015 nikki stevens $25.00
04/02/2015 Grant Hartley $50.00
02/02/2015 Sally Woodfield $200.00 In memory of my dear dear friend Max Chapple - it's nearly 20 years since the world lost your beautiful soul and not a day goes by without me thinking of you. Go well Mal
02/02/2015 Journalist $25.00 Good luck with this.
02/02/2015 Moerangi $30.00
02/02/2015 Jeremy $200.00 Keep up the good work Mal, have a great 50 day adventure!
02/02/2015 John Silk $25.00 Go Mal! Inspiring challenge and fundraising effort.
02/02/2015 Susan $50.00 Best of everything to you.
02/02/2015 Diana $25.00
02/02/2015 steve Tempelman $50.00
02/02/2015 Barbara Chapple-Alleyne $50.00 Thanks Mal for all your efforts
01/02/2015 Haydn $50.00 I was so looking forward to running one of the days with you but when it became apparent that that couldn't happen the least I could do was chuck some money your way. I hope all goes to plan and you achieve all your goals. Go Mal!
30/01/2015 Ian $500.00 May the uphill feel like downhill!
29/01/2015 Michelle $15.00 Go Mal! Best of luck in your hugely inspiring and important journey
29/01/2015 Tali $50.00 Absolutely inspiring, wish you and all the High Five-0 Challenge runners the best.
28/01/2015 Philip Rich $100.00 Go Mal. Astounding effort
28/01/2015 Marley Richards $10.00
28/01/2015 Brett Jenkins Physiotherapy $50.00 All the best Mal - will hold the SFB class up at this end for you so I think you get the raw end of the deal!! Go well, all the best, Brett.
28/01/2015 Tony and Amanda $50.00 Good luck from hill less Holland!
27/01/2015 Tania and Phillip Miller $200.00 Thank you for all your help over the last few days - you got us out of a really tight spot!! All the best for the next few weeks. We will look forward to tracking your progress and see you on day 24!!
26/01/2015 Marti Eller $25.00
23/01/2015 Amanda $20.00 An epic challenge for a fantastic cause. All the best!
22/01/2015 Roger Baillie $25.00
22/01/2015 Robin $20.00
22/01/2015 The Shaws $50.00 Good luck!
22/01/2015 Sue & Jon $100.00 Good luck Mal.
22/01/2015 Gemma Bartley - Sport Wanganui $25.00 You're a huge inspiration and I wish you and your fellow runners all the best!
22/01/2015 Kay $50.00 Great work!!
21/01/2015 enableMe auckland south $25.00 Good luck
21/01/2015 Chris $25.00 Outstanding Mal!!
21/01/2015 Sophia $30.00 #GoMal!
21/01/2015 Jacky & Ping $300.00 Didn't mean to leave it this long before donating, but hope this will put you closer to your goal. We are in awe of your determination and dedication to the cause. Will be following you closely over the next few weeks. Good luck!
21/01/2015 Patrick Rousseau $100.00 This is for my participation in the Vertical Challenge (far behind you obviously). All the best for the Challenge!
21/01/2015 Jess Anderton $10.00 Good luck, what a great cause, one that really needs supporting!
20/01/2015 John Hook $10.00 Best of luck!
20/01/2015 Fixation on Flow $100.00 GO MAL. Thank your for pushing the limits and in turn inspiring others to do the same!! Running will change the world. So inspirational
20/01/2015 Total Sport $1,000.00 THANK YOU, MAL, YOU ARE A FORCE FOR GOOD IN THE WORLD.
20/01/2015 Tom Hunt $15.59 15,589 short for Q4. Cant wait to follow your progress. Thanks for the challenge. :)
17/01/2015 beinn $25.00
16/01/2015 Chris $25.00
15/01/2015 Darrell T $36.00 Back from holiday and settling Q4 dues. Looking forward to catching up in just over a month....
14/01/2015 mt $70.00 I think this covers my rather large lack of ascent Oct-Dec 2014! Well done Mal you'll have legs like a mutant turkey by the end of your challenge.
13/01/2015 Janine H $25.00 Fantastic !
13/01/2015 Amanda Broughton $50.00
13/01/2015 RUNNING WILD LTD $1,500.00 Proceeds from Tarawera Trails Training Camp and more High Five-0 running shirt sales
13/01/2015 Valerie. $25.00 Donation to Mal Laws efforts and to the Mental Health foundation. Go well Mal. You are an inspiratiobn
12/01/2015 Lesley Callaghan $50.00
12/01/2015 Mark Colthart $45.00 Awesome effort on Q4 Mal!
12/01/2015 Wanaka Sports Massage $50.00 Vertical Challenge
09/01/2015 Caroline Rose $100.00 All the very best, mental illness is very hard to deal for the famillies arround too. I have been there! You will need all your strengh. Good Luck.
09/01/2015 Warren $45.00
07/01/2015 Richard Lang $38.50 My Q4 cough up. nice work Mal and thanks for not taking us to the cleaners like Q3!!!
06/01/2015 Bryan Wild $125.00 Please accept this donation for my entry on to the Tarawera Training camp. Much appreciated.
06/01/2015 Tania Miller $20.00 Q4 Deficit :)
06/01/2015 kat $41.00 QA dues
06/01/2015 Sally Law $10.00 Within 6,000m for the final quarter...a PB! Here's $4 extra since it's you xx
06/01/2015 mike jones $52.00 Q4 vert. deficit, with pleasure!
05/01/2015 Moose $43.00 You soared a Dreamliner's cruising altitude above me in Q4. Neeeowwww. Thank you for inspiring me to do more than I thought I could do. Good Luck for the H50 Challenge. We'll be cheering you on every hour or every day. Go well Moooose!
05/01/2015 Andy Ferrer $30.00 Mal. Please find payment for the Five 0 Challenge
05/01/2015 Siqi Wu $37.17 Great job Malcolm!
05/01/2015 Nathan $38.00 Q4 vert shortfall. Nice going Mal. All the best for the 50.
04/01/2015 Natasha Lydiard $35.00
04/01/2015 PHIL GERARD $12.00 Q4 vertically challenged
04/01/2015 Andy Millard $28.00 Q4 dues for my shortcomings in the vertical challenge! Great fun.
03/01/2015 Bryony Shaw $46.00 Vertical Challenge dues for Q4 :-) Looking forward to next week's training camp!
03/01/2015 Ian Fearnside $47.00 Vertical Challenge Dues for last 1/4
Hopefully can keep up the hill work
03/01/2015 Lisa McFarlane $12.00 Q4 dues. Thank you for the fun and motivating 3 months! I will miss it!
02/01/2015 Jon Cox $31.00 Q4 dues paid. Best wishes for the 50 days challenge Mal.
02/01/2015 Jon Lim $38.00 Great work Mal! Enjoyed participating in the Vertical Challenge!! All the best for the big 50 days....Jon
02/01/2015 Trent Vannisselroy $44.07 And the Q4 dues! Counting down the days till the 50!!!
02/01/2015 Steve Schlaadt $50.00
02/01/2015 Kurt $16.00 Well done Mal, it's been a great year!
01/01/2015 Jean Dorrell $40.00 Rounded up!
01/01/2015 Simon Fisher $36.00 Q4 shortfall Mal
01/01/2015 Alex $33.00 Great idea and brilliant motivation - don't think I've ever done so much vertical! It didn't kill me so I must be stronger :-)
01/01/2015 Martin Graham $35.00 Well Done Mal, my donation for my metres arrears. A great challenge in all meanings of the word.
01/01/2015 James Harcombe $17.00 Here's the amount I owe for beating you - again! Thanks for the motivation...
01/01/2015 Amanda Crook $37.00
29/12/2014 Priya Naik $100.00
29/12/2014 Renuka $25.00
25/12/2014 Pat Willett $25.00 You doing a great job.
24/12/2014 Wood Hill $100.00
22/12/2014 Swamo And Justine $50.00
21/12/2014 Robyn and Terry Carter $25.00 Good luck for a very worthy cause.
20/12/2014 Dawn Tuffery $80.00 This is from all the people who purchased my 'toon book - $1 from each copy sold. Going great guns, keep it up!
18/12/2014 Gill McCone $25.00
10/12/2014 The Thomsons $270.00
09/12/2014 Stephanie Leighton $30.00 Every cent helps -must be close to $200K
08/12/2014 jono $80.00 good luck and great work
07/12/2014 BZ $20.00 Mal, you are incredible. All the best on your journey.
05/12/2014 Raptor Rubs $20.00 Magnificent effort you're making! Hope it all goes well. So great to see people working for mental health awareness.
03/12/2014 Doug, Davis & Natalie Barton $250.00
30/11/2014 Adrian Bosch $100.00 Good luck Mal - you are a true inspiration!
26/11/2014 Kerrs $100.00 This is an amazing challenge. Good on you for supporting Mental health. Kia kaha!
22/11/2014 Chris $25.00 New meaning to the term legend!
17/11/2014 Donna $100.00 You are a legend Mal. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the use of Karekare. We will do a lovely walk through the trails in your honour.
17/11/2014 Richelle Olsen $100.00 We can't wait to see this amazing challenge unfold Mal! We will be egging you on from Oz! All the best - Richelle Olsen and Shane Hutton
17/11/2014 Mal's Running Friends $307.00 Run well Mal - this is from us all - the excess funds from Pat, Colleen and Aevril's 100th marathons collection)! - Wayne Botha, Alice Adiwinata, Lee Murray, Simon Clendon, Clive Start, Mal Law, Ross Steele, Rebecca Edgecombe, Ange Sheppard, Mike Tennant, Larry Goldfarb, Riki Sila, Charlotte Nasey, Eric Sila, Kiri Price, Ingrid Frost, Norman Chan, Helen Tobin, Bill Hodge, David Hamilton, Monica Tate, Lay Cunningham, Mel and Malcolm Gray, Denis Jordan, Maurice Tua, Ian Hoad
14/11/2014 Geoff & Suzy $25.00 As mad and inspirational as ever...
14/11/2014 stoneyuk $25.00 Well done Malc - what a role model!
14/11/2014 Mary MacRae $25.00 Great to hear your love affair with the mountains started in Scotland!
12/11/2014 Peter Taylor $25.00 Inspiring stuff Mal. Only too happy to take your prompt to support the cause
11/11/2014 24hrs on Mt Iron $289.60 Cash donations received during 24hrs on Mt Iron
10/11/2014 Adam Lympany $20.00 Donation for Andy's food he bought at 24hrs on Mt Iron. I had a freshly washed note in my shorts that was supposed to be in the tin!
10/11/2014 Red Bull Defiance $1,000.00 Medic fees for Red Bull Defiance race, donated by Dr. Julian Pettit & the awesome RBD team :-)
10/11/2014 Steve Combe $31.00 Well done on the 24 hr challenge Mal! Here's another few $'s into the kitty as promised...31 ascents of Mt Iron in a day- legendary! Never before achieved!
09/11/2014 Mark Colthart $70.11 Total respect Mal!!!!
09/11/2014 John Perriam $100.00 Well done Mal and team
08/11/2014 Kirst $25.00
08/11/2014 Angela Finucane $100.00 Good luck today Mal, have a fantastic day!
08/11/2014 Jess Hollands $25.00 My guess for the mount Iron contest will be: 1st 8,283 m
2nd 7,143 m
08/11/2014 Alex Senior $30.00
08/11/2014 Paulo $50.00 Amazing Mal. Good luck. We're all right behind you (well some of us are right behind you in that feet up on the sofa way...)!
07/11/2014 Steph Leighton (nee Turnbull) $30.00 All the best Mal - I will be following your progress from across the ditch.
07/11/2014 Jane K $30.00
07/11/2014 Craig $10.00 Go well Mal you nutter! :-)
07/11/2014 Will Hayward $50.00 Give it heaps up Mt Iron Mal -- but not too much heaps. Just as much heaps as required to be bang on my estimate!
07/11/2014 M Wright $10.00
06/11/2014 PHIL GERARD $100.00 Lets see what sort of Iron Man you really are?
06/11/2014 Isaac Walker $30.00 Go hard Iron-man Mal!!
06/11/2014 Katrina Henderson $50.00 Go hard on Iron this weekend!
06/11/2014 Steph Combe $20.00 for 24 hours on Mount Iron - Go Mal!
05/11/2014 DOC South Westland staff $1,038.40 Great work Mal ... you are an inspiration! Here's our contribution from our fundraising to date :)
05/11/2014 bruce n viv eyers $50.00
05/11/2014 Phil and Cath Watson $100.00
04/11/2014 Louise Player-Bishop $40.00 You're an inspiration, go well
03/11/2014 Janine Ogden $10.00 24 hours on Mount Iron, sorry I can't be there! Go hard!!
02/11/2014 rosehn $25.00 Will be there to cheer you on :)
02/11/2014 Ryan and Kylie Tecofsky $20.00 Keep up the good work Mal, will see ya on Mt Iron in a few days
02/11/2014 Claire Akin-Smith $25.00 awesome cause, awesome challenge
02/11/2014 A Border Collie Puppy $20.00 From one Crazy Person to another.
31/10/2014 Wanaka Sports Massage $25.00
23/10/2014 Lisa McFarlane $14.00
23/10/2014 Duncan $50.00
23/10/2014 Tui Hambrook $10.00
23/10/2014 Matt Rayment $50.00 Q3. Sorry for delay
22/10/2014 Shelby $61.00 For the Q3, You're doing great! keep it up
21/10/2014 Jean J $100.00
21/10/2014 HRC $30.00 Thank you for providing an opportunity to give and for doing the hard bit!
21/10/2014 Jane Evans $10.00 Go Mt Iron
21/10/2014 Phil $100.00 Go Mal Go
21/10/2014 Lisa McFarlane $6.00 To get you over that massive milestone!! Well done!
21/10/2014 Sophie Barr $10.00 Awesome stuff Mal! Still my hero! Would love to come on a run with you one day :)
21/10/2014 Gary Nicholson $60.00 Q3 payment
21/10/2014 Vicki Spearing $100.00
20/10/2014 James Harcombe $20.00 24 hrs of Iron entry!
20/10/2014 Geoff $81.00 Q3 how slack am I, better late than never. See you on the trails
20/10/2014 Mal $135.00 Proceeds from books & shirts sold at DoC talk in Haast
19/10/2014 Tania Miller $20.00 Mt Iron guessimate - Good luck :)
19/10/2014 Ben $20.00 24hrs on Mt Iron
17/10/2014 Trent Vannisselroy $20.00 Mt Iron 24Hrs Challenge! Get some!
17/10/2014 Guy $30.00 Good luck Mal!
16/10/2014 Darren $50.00
16/10/2014 David Free $72.00
16/10/2014 anna $50.00
16/10/2014 Steve Combe $15.00 Go for it Mal!
16/10/2014 Simon Clendon $50.00 24 hours on Mt Misery ;-)
15/10/2014 Glenn Thompson $100.00 Vertical challenge 3rd Quarter Shortfall. Well done Mal keep up the great work!
15/10/2014 Mal $10.00 Just for the hill of it!
14/10/2014 Dawn Tuffery $74.00 Champion effort! By Feb you'll be unstoppable..
13/10/2014 Philip Secker $10.00
13/10/2014 Dazza T from Dunedin $65.00 Loving your work - Q3 dues
12/10/2014 Lena Ellis $68.00 Hi Mal, sorry for the delay. Cheers. Lena
12/10/2014 Patrick Piebenga $25.00 Great blog - it made me TAKE NOTICE! :) Good luck with the run
11/10/2014 Anne $15.00 Go hard Malcolm, enjoy the view - each time around!
10/10/2014 Shane Hutton $25.00 Hey Mal, Awesome work mate. Here are my dues & a little self imposed late fee Keep smashing the vert.
08/10/2014 Phil Gerard $48.00 Mal, here are some "dollars for my likes" in the red shirt photo competition.
08/10/2014 Matt Bixley $20.00 Silly Silly Man
08/10/2014 Kat $57.00 Freaking awesome vert in Q3 Mal :-)
07/10/2014 DotPerformance $10.00 24 Hours on Iron
07/10/2014 RUNNING WILD LTD $108.80 Donations from talk at OUTSIDE SPORTS, Te Anau
06/10/2014 Tim $36.70 $3.67 Q3 fine...... Nup, make it $36.70! Bring on Q4 matey!
06/10/2014 Warren $75.00
06/10/2014 Mark Colthart $80.00 Tremendous achievement in Q3 Mal!!!
05/10/2014 Nathan $64.57 Q3 vert 'fine'. Massive effort by you folk at the top this quarter!
04/10/2014 Martin Graham $75.00 Q3- Well done Mal, at least my Achilles issue provided more funds for a good cause
04/10/2014 Kurt Lynn $60.00
03/10/2014 CHERYL JOHNSTON $62.00 My Q3 shortfall, I have an expensive piriformis lol.
03/10/2014 Katherine Samplonius $71.00 Q3 massive shortfall
03/10/2014 Andrew McD $65.00
03/10/2014 Sally $28.00 Well that was an expensive Vertical Challenge quarter!
03/10/2014 Sheree Haynes $25.00 Best of luck.
02/10/2014 mick tarry $60.00
02/10/2014 Rich lang $71.58 Paying my dues Q3 Rich Lang
02/10/2014 Andy Ferrer $59.00 Hi Mal, please find my payment for the High Five-0 Vertical Challenge.
many thanks
02/10/2014 Trent Vannisselroy $72.92 Dues paid! My total gets bigger but no where near the top! awesome work!
02/10/2014 Mike Jones $76.00 Q3 vertical challenge!
01/10/2014 Ian Fearnside $38.00 Paying my dues for this 1/4, Looking forward to next 1/4 & improving on this one !
01/10/2014 Jon Cox $66.00 Well Done Mal Law on climbing so much vertical in his challenge this Quarter..
01/10/2014 James $72.00 Q3 Vertical Challenge
01/10/2014 Amanda Crook $63.00 My dues for Q3
01/10/2014 Margaret Reynolds $63.00 3rd Quarter
01/10/2014 Simon $60.00 For Vertical Challenge Q3
27/09/2014 Steph Leighton (nee Turnbull) $60.00 Mal, from a fellow kiwi, who use to live just down the road from you, but now living in Oz - what a great cause! Education & awareness of all types of mental health not only saves lives, but supports all concerned, the sufferer and their loved ones. I take my hat off to you Mal for your dedication to mental health. I have a family member suffering from an acquired brain injury.... so I thank you sincerely.
27/09/2014 RUNNING WILD LTD $297.30 Donations from Outside Sports talks in Wanaka and Queenstown
26/09/2014 Rachel Kennedy $100.00 Awesomeness, Happy trails to you too Mal!
24/09/2014 Andrew McDougall $54.82 An inspirational challenge for a worthwhile cause. Wishing I could join you on the Ruapehu leg.
20/09/2014 Motutapu Farm $1,000.00 Motutapu Farm is proud to be associated with you Mal. We are delighted you have chosen our Natural freerange grassland pastures as your final running terrain. We look forward to hosting you and your team for your "final supper" of prime eye fillet steak to ensure you are appropriately energised for your last run.
Good Luck.
19/09/2014 RUNNING WILD LTD $500.00 Proceeds from High Five-0 running shirt sales
15/09/2014 Highland Events $240.00
11/09/2014 Mady $80.00 Good luck to Mal and all of his fabulous support runners!! What a worthy cause.
08/09/2014 wanaka sports massage $50.00
05/09/2014 Great Naseby Water Race $500.00 From all that ran in 2014 at Naseby.
01/09/2014 Running Wild Ltd $500.00 Donation from sale of another 50 High Five-0 running shirts
31/08/2014 Barry Devenney $50.00
24/08/2014 Tracey & Lola $25.00 Wow Malcom!!! What an incredible challenge..
23/08/2014 Mark T $25.00
18/08/2014 Andrew andSarah Mitchell $1,000.00
14/08/2014 Murray Kerr $200.00
14/08/2014 Running Wild LTD $1,000.00 Proceeds from first 100 running shirts sold
14/08/2014 Penny $10.00
12/08/2014 Timbers $300.00
04/08/2014 Simon Fisher $47.00 Q2 Shortfall - Sorry for the delay mate - as you know have spent most of July out of NZ!! Need to get back on the ladder for Q3, wuth this weekend being a good workout at Xterra! Cheers Simon
02/08/2014 Alex $100.00 Awesome cause, epic effort. RESPECT!!
01/08/2014 Darrell Thomson $44.00 Love your work - Q2 dues
31/07/2014 Seb $38.00 Keep it going Mal, you are doing an amazing job.
25/07/2014 Maurice Tua $48.00 Q2 Vertical Challenge dues
23/07/2014 Bryony Shaw $53.00 Q2 shortfall - In my defence, I was injured for most of it! All the better for you :-)
17/07/2014 swimrubyisland.co.nz $100.00 Every little helps. The best of Luck and Preparation. Go Mal !!
15/07/2014 Nathan Bycroft $48.00 Q2 vert shorfall. Inspirational stuff lead from the tops.
10/07/2014 Running Wild $250.00 Donation from first 10 Tarawera Trail Camp registrations
10/07/2014 Lena Ellis $55.00 Hi Mal,
I totally lost it to the winter blues in Q2.
09/07/2014 Tezza $45.00 Vertical Challenge is brilliant.
08/07/2014 Mike + Carla $61.00 Q2 Vertical Challenge dues! Great vertical Mal, keep up the good work.
07/07/2014 Matt Rayment $47.00 Here's my Q2 tax you slave driving bastard. ;)
05/07/2014 Jenny Spark $46.76 Great challenge, my legs are the stronger for it! Thanks & go hard Mal
04/07/2014 Kurt Lynn $29.00 Hopefully I'm closer to your total in Q3! Cheers.
03/07/2014 James Harcombe $8.00 My vertical challenge dues for whipping you once again! Just kidding,amazing work from everyone- Q3 is yours for the taking now there's snow on the hills!
03/07/2014 Warren Meyer $46.00
03/07/2014 aml $30.00 Vertical 'fine.' good luck mal. Keep up the great work!
02/07/2014 Andy Ferrer $50.00 Mal, please find my donation for the Vertical Challenge, most enjoyable
02/07/2014 Mark E $50.00 Outstanding balance for the Q2 Vertical Challenge (must try harder... ;-) )
02/07/2014 James $40.00 Q2 Shortfall
02/07/2014 Katherine Samplonius $47.00 Q2 shortfall
02/07/2014 The Gazelle $21.00 Who knew how much fun hills could be??! Here's my Q2 shortfall :-)
02/07/2014 Mark Colthart $55.00 Congratulations on smashing 56,000+ m for Q2 Mal - you're The Boss!
02/07/2014 Dawn $46.00 2nd quarter duly settled! You're a champion.
02/07/2014 Paul Charteris $50.00 Those runs in the snow look amazing Mal :-)
01/07/2014 Geoff Higgins $52.00 Fighting fit now and ready for q3, q2 a non starter for multiple reasons that I won't bore you with ;-)
01/07/2014 Ian Fearnside $36.00 Bit slack this quarter ! Hopefully improve on this one , starting tomorrow !
01/07/2014 Jon Cox $37.00 My donation as part of doing Mals High 5 vertical challenge.
01/07/2014 David Free $46.00 Payment for Q2
01/07/2014 Trent Vannisselroy $49.02 Q2 pay up! More hills to come!
01/07/2014 jess vertical challenge Q2 $55.00
01/07/2014 Gary Nicholson $52.00 Q2 challenge didn't go so well for me. Good for you though. :)
01/07/2014 Rudi Verplancke $55.00 donation Q2 vertical challenge Rudi verplancke
23/06/2014 Tracey $500.00 Reading all of your brave blogs has given me the kick up the backside I needed to donate to this worthy cause. I am very lucky not to have a story of survival to share so will share my money instead.
20/06/2014 The Pain Cave $1,000.00 keep diminishing the stigma that surrounds mental health Mal. Great work.
12/06/2014 jessica chapple $50.00 Ryan i dont know you but yiur story was inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
12/06/2014 Nic Daulton $30.00 I am in awe of you and your supporters. Keep up the great work.
11/06/2014 Gerald Waters $25.00
11/06/2014 Jo Allan $100.00 Wonderful sharing and great advice
11/06/2014 John Iseli $50.00 An awesome and inspiring project Mal. Go well you good thing! I might see you at the Wild Earth Ascent this weekend, but chances are you will be too far ahead to allow much time for chatting on course!!
10/06/2014 Lucy $100.00 Thank you Oska. Thank you Mal. Go get 'em!
10/06/2014 Nathan $50.00
08/06/2014 Jo Van $10.00
03/06/2014 Liz Foxwell-Canning $28.30 Hi, I sponsored you before but wanted to do more so last week when we had a fish and chip night at work I made British style chips shop curry sauce and sold it for donations to your challenge! (Some people paid not to have any as it's not to everyone's taste!!!) that explains the random amount donated!
02/06/2014 Leon Klijmeij $25.00 Go MAL! Awesome challenge.
31/05/2014 Sally Law $250.00 From my High50 to yours thanks to the boundless generosity of Karen & Greg
25/05/2014 Ashley $25.00 Best of luck!
25/05/2014 Bob and Ann $30.00
21/05/2014 jogbud $25.00 Legend!
21/05/2014 JT and Stacy Wheeler $100.00 Best wishes for a phenomenal endeavor!
14/05/2014 Anonymous $100.00 Hi Mal. When you are hurting and struggling up yet another endless climb, just remember..... this was your idea! I can't be in there in body but I'll be pushing you up every hill none the less. Be strong!
10/05/2014 Allan Ure $19.95
07/05/2014 Muriel $50.00
05/05/2014 Geoff $32.00 Q1 Vertical challenge, 18,370 completed sadly for me not you Q2 not looking as impressive. onwards and upwards :-)))
04/05/2014 Leanne Erceg $75.00 Happy birthday Sally - Sorry it's very late!
24/04/2014 Paul Charteris $51.00
24/04/2014 Mike $50.00 As I never got round to signing up to Q1 here is my $50, all be it a little late
23/04/2014 Malcolm & Chananchida $1,000.00
23/04/2014 Lou O $100.00 All the very very best Mal, your blog about your thoughts at Easter thanks for being so honest, I thought I only had times like that - thanks for putting them to paper, they have helped majorly - keep up the amazing work
22/04/2014 Des $25.00
22/04/2014 Jill & Richard Paxman [in-laws $1,000.00
21/04/2014 Northburn100 Ultra Race $557.00 Proceeds from the Northburn100 Fundraising night :)
18/04/2014 Cerise $45.00 Q1 challenge
17/04/2014 lance. $40.00 better late than never
11/04/2014 Geoff $150.00 Geoffs Q1 mini challenge, well done Nathan bycroft. 15 mins faster than me = $150
10/04/2014 Darrell Thomson $37.00 Q1 Dues
08/04/2014 Karelia $50.00
07/04/2014 Caron Lynn $50.00 Happy birthday, Mal!
07/04/2014 Jeremy Weight $37.00 Q1 shortfall. Keep it going Mal, and Happy Birthday!
07/04/2014 Warren Meyer $29.00 Go Mal! First quarter shortfall :-)
06/04/2014 Ian Fearnside $26.00 Got to just over 24k in elevation so heres the $$, great challenge, got me out doing more hills than I would of otherwise !
06/04/2014 Matt Rayment $35.00 Paid up Q1!!!!
05/04/2014 Jesse Bailey $25.00
05/04/2014 Oliver Sanderson $25.00 We still have a lot to learn about NZder mental health needs. A worthy cause, well done.
03/04/2014 David K $29.00 fees paid for Q1. that was fun though :) ready for Q2
03/04/2014 ash $36.00 wheels fell off a bit my training
which is prob good for charity as i have to donate more :)
love ur work malcolm and sally
03/04/2014 Iain Graham $25.00 Hey Mal
Heres my shortfall for Q1 of the vertical challenge. Bring on Q2 :)
03/04/2014 Sals 5-0 $50.00 From my 5-0 to yours. With grateful thanks to my generous friends and family xx
03/04/2014 Brenda Stringer $39.00 Good Luck Mal!
03/04/2014 Emily Roper $25.00
03/04/2014 Doug Barton $38.00 Hey Mal! Started strong on the Vertical Challenge, but after travelling in SE Asia for 2 months, things have flattened out (the only hills around are covered with unexploded bombs - avoid!). So here is my pledge for my 12km of vertical achieved in Q1! Great to see the campaign going so well, I'll be following from the road and eventually back in Canada.
02/04/2014 Patrice McCoy $47.00 shortfall Q1. Great work Mal.
02/04/2014 Hayden McCoy $45.00 Vertical Challenge cough up.Was a bit short!
02/04/2014 Lena Ellis $36.00
02/04/2014 Kat $28.00 Q1 shortfall :-)
02/04/2014 Darren $37.00 Vertical challange shortfall
02/04/2014 James $30.00
02/04/2014 Steve Neary $20.25 Bit short on the vert for me too. Q1 payment.
02/04/2014 Sarah T $41.00 Won't be behind for Q2!!
02/04/2014 Seb perhauz $37.00 Thanks for the challenge Mal, this will for go me to have 10 coffees over the next quarter as punishment. Great work and look forward to the next quarter of hills.
02/04/2014 Nathan $16.00 Q1 Vertical Challenge shortfall. Great work Mal!
02/04/2014 Gary Nicholson $40.00 Vertical Challenge Q1 shortfall
02/04/2014 Michael Rodliffe $20.00 Q1 challenge shortfall
02/04/2014 Katherine Samplonius $38.00 fell a little short
02/04/2014 Allan Ure $55.00 Q1
02/04/2014 Gendi $44.00 fell really short on the vertical meters!
02/04/2014 Laurie Wilson $35.00 Q1 shortfall payment
02/04/2014 Dan $38.00 Q1 Vertical Challenge - go Mal!
02/04/2014 Alistair McAlpine $28.00 Well done Mal!
02/04/2014 Clive Start Q1 $38.32 Q1
01/04/2014 Sal's Big 5-0 $549.00 From my 5-0 to yours. I am extremely grateful to my generous friends and family who contributed. Thank you all xx
01/04/2014 Juliet $25.00 Way to go! We too often fail the mentally ill in NZ, let this be one step (or 50 marathons) towards a better future.
31/03/2014 Janine Ogden $42.00 Contribution for 42,000 vertical m short,but man did I enjoy the 8,000 I did complete, thanks for the inspiration Malcolm! Priceless :)
31/03/2014 Nat Thompson $31.00
31/03/2014 Robert Yoshio Langley $40.00 I only logged about 10k+ of elevation this round, but I would rather run less and give more to help support you Mal! :)
31/03/2014 Chris Wilson $50.00 Mal - pleased to donate after Q1 of the V Challenge. Knee injury blah blah so here's $50 ;-)
31/03/2014 Jane Thompson $35.00
31/03/2014 James Harcombe $9.00 Here's the money I owe for the excessive vertical metres...
31/03/2014 AdamL $28.00 Vertical Challenge Donation.
31/03/2014 Nick Johnston $26.00
31/03/2014 Trent $43.66 Q1 down! I'll be sure to hit more hills thru winter! Trails here I come!
31/03/2014 Veronica $40.00
31/03/2014 Mark Colthart $43.25 Vertical Challenge Q1 done! Let's hope for more vert in Q2!!!
30/03/2014 Bryony Shaw $40.00 This is what I owe you for my lack of vertical in the Q1 challenge! You're an iron man, Mal Law :-)
27/03/2014 Claire B $25.00
25/03/2014 Al C-W $74.00 12 minutes under your target time. Top effort Mal!
24/03/2014 Sabrina Muck $30.00 This is incredible and inspiring! Good luck Malcolm!
21/03/2014 STEVE CASSIDY $50.00 Good luck Big Guy & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sally for Friday 21 March 2014. Steve Cassidy xx
20/03/2014 Jennifer Kennedy $5.00 Good Luck...Have a beautiful day.
19/03/2014 Will $40.00 Great effort on Saturday Mal and always nice to run past you!!!
19/03/2014 Anna Barrett $20.00 Congrats Mal! Great running
19/03/2014 Anna Lorimer $20.00 for making your tarawera goal
18/03/2014 jk $20.00
17/03/2014 Ian fearnside $40.00
17/03/2014 Belinda Drake $35.00 Go Mal!
17/03/2014 Cash Donations $132.40 Collected at Tarawera Ultra Registration
17/03/2014 Mark Speakman $25.00
16/03/2014 Ross Steele $100.00 Mal ... AWESOME to see you out on the course at Tarawera yesterday and to have shared time on the course with Sal. All the VERY best for your BIG year in 2015 mate. See you on the trails. Yes, you did beat the man in the orange tutu. :-)))))
16/03/2014 James $20.00 So you beat a man in a Tutu! Congratulations on Tarawera!
16/03/2014 Photos4sale $19.95 :-)
15/03/2014 Liz Foxwell-Canning $50.00 I think you are BRILLIANT!
13/03/2014 Frank Pakenham $50.00 love your work Mal! good times..and causes
02/03/2014 Tineke $100.00 what a really good cause. Well done. Tineke
26/02/2014 JSC $25.00 Enjoy the journey Mal!
19/02/2014 Claire House $20.00 I learnt about your challenge and fundraising from my friend Nic who is running with you on a few of your challenges - such an impressive feat and worthy cause. We wish we could give more. All the best!
11/02/2014 Sarah Tucker $100.00
10/02/2014 Paul Mc $50.00 Mal - Impressed by your openess and another heck of a challenge!Good luck.
08/02/2014 Barbara Chapple $25.00 Go for it Mal
08/02/2014 Robsons $25.00 Saw you on mt Eden. Great cause. Good luck with it.
07/02/2014 LisaH $125.00 Go Mal!!!
06/02/2014 Margaret Reynolds $100.00 Good luck and stay strong
06/02/2014 Anne $25.00 Sorry it's not more, a very worthwhile .
06/02/2014 Big Easy Marathon Sweepstake Contributors $13.20 There were 7 of us who put in $2....wait on a second....just WHO was the short sighted cheapskate who put in $1.20??
06/02/2014 Vicky Robertson $50.00 Great stuff mal!
06/02/2014 Format Ltd $500.00 great work mal!
06/02/2014 Brenton Vasey $25.00 Go Mal!
05/02/2014 Steve Hinton $295.00
03/02/2014 J $25.00 Good luck!
01/02/2014 Glenn Marvin $100.00
01/02/2014 Helen Wood $150.00 Fantastic effort... truly inspirational and for a wonderful cause
01/02/2014 jess and breyten $60.00 Well done. What a launch !
01/02/2014 Kingy $50.00 I have to make a donation after the Mt Eden 50. What a day! I met some new people who you have inspired & encouraged to be both mentally and physically stronger so it's already happening/working/achieving/awesome. Thank you for doing what you are doing
01/02/2014 Cash Donations $34.48 Cash donations received on Mt. eden during the 'Eden Five-0' run
01/02/2014 Nic McCloy $100.00 364 days to go, Mal, and I can't wait to watch this big, hairy audacious goal unfold.
01/02/2014 Wayne Botha $50.00 All the best Mal. You are an inspiration to all of us!
01/02/2014 The JBs $25.00 Watching with interest
We'll leave the running to you
31/01/2014 Jeremy Weight $250.00 RFM Mal, RFM... C u out there!
31/01/2014 Richard $25.00 Not sure I should be encouraging this process of self destruction Mal! But here goes..good luck.
31/01/2014 lara $50.00 all the best Malcolm!! great cause, solid effort!
31/01/2014 the LTH $50.00 This is just to kick-start my involvement in this amazing and fun fundraiser! Mental Health needs all the awareness and help it can get! With a zillion of Mal's crazy trail running friends, we can do this! Love your BHAG's mate!
23/01/2014 Outdoor ID $50.00 All the best Mal. You are a legend and we support you all the way!!! Go get 'em
15/01/2014 Duncan Darroch $100.00
15/01/2014 Lyndsey and Damien $25.00 We will be following you every step of the way on your amazingly epic journey MalcolmI wish I could give more for such a great cause and effort sorry:)
15/01/2014 Sadie $100.00
15/01/2014 DH Racing $275.00 Mal, Best of luck with your fudraising.
Total Raised Online: NZD$43,746.30
Total Raised Offline: NZD$36,330.70
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$80,077.00
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Mental Health Foundation of NZ
Mental Health Foundation of NZ
One in five New Zealanders will experience a mental illness in any given year. We aim to improve the mental health of all people and communities in New Zealand and work towards the elimination of stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. For more information see
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High Five-0 Challenge
High Five-0 Challenge
Climb 50 peaks & run 50-off road marathons in just 50 days. And raise at least $250,000 for Mental Health Foundation of NZ. These are the audacious goals of Kiwi adventurer, Mal Law. For more information see www.high50.org.nz
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